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My account. I already have an ashran account. IdTip English 5. Deadly Boss Mods 4 opinions downloads learn more. Bartender4 8 opinions downloads learn more. Bagnon 4 opinions downloads learn more. Zperl 0 opinion downloads learn more. Draenor Treasures 1 opinions downloads learn more. Postal 1 opinions downloads learn more.

Recount 2 opinions downloads learn more. GladiatorlosSA - PvP 3 opinions downloads learn more. Improved Unit Frames.

Doom Cooldown Pulse 1 opinions downloads learn more. Kui Name Plates 2 opinions downloads learn more. Shadowed Unit Frame 2 opinions downloads learn more. Quartz Cast bars, auras and debuff timers 3 opinions downloads learn more. Mistra's Diablo Orbs 1 opinions downloads learn more.

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Skinner 3 opinions downloads learn more. Elvui 10 opinions downloads learn more.By PandachoJune 5, in UI. Profile to import is here. ElvUI is a full UI replacement. It completely replaces the default Blizzard UI at every level with a new and better interface. It has multiple addons and plug-ins integrated into it, such as Dominos action bars and TidyPlates.

This UI will arrange your interface to be more flexible and practical. Download ElvUI from Tukui. The version on Curse is outdated. Following the above link, you will find two addons to download: Tukui and ElvUI. You need ElvUI:. If you had ElvUI previously installed, you'd get a message asking to replace the current folder - click 'Yes':.

Log in to WoW. Click the 'AddOns' button in the left bottom corner of your character selection screen. Press 'Enter World'. We all know that they are present. Displays bind names on the action buttons. Actually, you can enable only Bar 1 and 2 or whatever works for you and disable all the rest. In enabled Bars, you can choose the number of buttons per bar and vertical or horizontal style.

It can be any amount from 1 to 12 or even 2 rows of 6 buttons or any other configuration that you prefer. If you want to hide an Action Bar in a specific situation, for example during a raid, you have to type. Tick Character specific Key Bindings only if you want different positioning of hotkeys on the bars for different characters. In addition you can have all the Currencies you want to track at the bottom line.This page is a work in progress!

Like many others, I love customizing my user interface in WoW. I can sit for hours and tweak this and that, try new addons and skins. The sky is the limit! Or something. My current Ui This is the current setup I have. I usually work towards having as little as possible cluttering my screen and also hide those things that does not need to be seen. Like spells and such. I actually have 6 actionbars active, although 4 of them are mouseover, meaning they are hidden until I hover over them.

Most of them are tiny and scrammed to one side of the screen so I never have to see them. This means that I have a lot of keybinds. And a good memory. It took some time getting all the binds into my musclememory.

In the picture below you can see where all my unitframes, bars, buffs and random frames are positioned. List of Addons Anyhow, the important ui addons are:. Yuck, hate the standard ui.

There are also extra addon-extentions for Elvui. WeakAuras 2 Is a great addon but a bit tricky to get a hang of. Endless options! Masque this addon is a skinning-addon, that can just like elvui skin your addons, but with more variation depending on what masque-skins you add to your ui folder.

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Trilluminati's Havoc DH UI (BfA Day One)

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.In this video I show you how you can install my ElvUI Interface together with all my addons that I have installed, completely from scratch.

To install please follow the instructions:. I have spent a week trying to get elvui to look how I want it. I found this video and it was perfect for what I wanted. I love the way the menus in elvui change and become much more user friendly when I loaded your profile. I also love you addon recommendations. I have been having a blast setting all this up. I just hope updates don't mess me up too bad.

Thanks for posting this!

[界面分享] [ElvUI] [02.13更新][支持8.3.0] 比较简洁的仿Naowh布局的ElvUI界面[1920X1080]—2楼更新Afenar的全职业WA

Can I set when I write with someone, or on the sidelines, see his nick in the same color as his class character. Hey Scar, love the vids man! I just came back to wow and found ElvUi to be my one stop shop. However, I am having an issue with my profiles not saving.

Botanica, on the ElvUi forum, just regurgitates the same unhelpful answers, and no helpful troubleshooting ideas. Their tutorials are awful as well. So started to use ur setup but can't find two things.

First how to do to show on player frame lvl of mine, same as has target frame. And the second, how to activate on left chat box background. I mean that transparency color, no any picture. Can't find it anywhere. Question, i need to have all these addons installed to play like that? Is there a link where I could download the package containing all the addons?

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Also is this compatible with 7. I got a real question now. How do you make it to where you can see more groups then 1?

I'd rather be able to see the hp of all members that are in a raid party. Hi, i only get to see 1 bar and it doesn't show DPS or healing, instead it says enemy healing received or something. Destroyed file. When I press ''Import Profile'' a grey screen pops up and I can't paste your profile there, I can't type anything either is there any way I can fix this?

Related Articles. December 2, January 7, December 27, What addon creates the markers? Still loving your videos and help.I sadly have no time for WoW, and thus I have unsubscribed.

This means the patch 7. Thanks to everyone for the support and sorry for going away.

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For me, being able to shift my focus more on to what happens in a new encounter during a progress raid is priceless. No rotation helper is going to give you epic or legendary DPS ranks, but they can and will improve your awareness, just make sure you do not tunnel vision on your UI - otherwise the whole point of this is moot. You can utilize the helper or play normally.

Ui and Addons

These WA sets work with all languages and talent combinations. I prefer getting issues reported over at GitHub. LibArtifactData is a custom code library that handles checking artifact traits and their ranks. Both are mandatory if you want to use my WAs.

Naturally, if you already have something similar installed, skip this step. This addon is required to alter the shapes and textures of the buttons shown by WeakAuras.

Optional, but recommended. I suggest to use this instead of Blizzard's default combat text. This also gives you two nice monospace fonts, Hodge and Homespun. I use both quite often in my UI elements. You can also download my BigWigs profile redfella.

This addon brings addons brings back all the important information to your Character panel that Blizzard decided to hide in Legion. The best dps meter there is. My profile can be found here. If you wish to help improve the action priority lists or the custom code in general, you can head over to the code repository over at github. Installation instructions. Q: Why is there a green big square on my screen?

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I have no idea why it gets checked for some players. Q: What are the version numbers? Masque This addon is required to alter the shapes and textures of the buttons shown by WeakAuras.

elvui addonskins weakauras

DejaCharacterStats This addon brings addons brings back all the important information to your Character panel that Blizzard decided to hide in Legion. Details The best dps meter there is. You can also toggle individual weakaura displays from Masque and then selecting Weakauras from the sidebar.

For example, my DH setup uses a round icon only for the rotation helper, otherwise I use Renaitre: Thinnerest. If your icons appear very dark with a square border behind the them, make sure you uncheck WeakAuras from ElvUI addonskins options.By RedfellaAugust 1, in Death Knight. Red I am trying to set up like you have it, however my weak auras are so dark and have a shaded square around them.

It is a clean install and I followed your directions for masque. Any ideas? Hey Redfella, could you do an Unholy Weakauras pls. This ones are awsome, and would love something like this to Unholy. I'm going to need a screenshot to see what's going on. I suppose you were trying to provide one, but your post might be broken someway. I'm gonna have to dig around a bit if their rotations are such that they can be made to a viable action priority list.

Hi Red sorry about that. Here is the link since i can't get the pic to post. The weak auras are that dark no matter what I use for Masque Trinity, adorn, caith and so on. The only thing I could find on the net that came close was a post on frame strata in weak auars. That looks like a bug with Masque. Have you tried tinkering with Masque settings? Choose some skin and hit the "Reset skin" on the default maybe. If that doesn't help, I guess you'll have to make a bug report to whoever maintains Masque.

Just wanted to let you know that it is now fixed. The problem was the "addon skin" package for elvui. Once I unchecked weak auras from the addonskins option in elvui, everything worked. This is for the Talent Ossuary that reduces Resource cost of Deathstrike as long as you have at least 5 stacks of Boneshield active as suggested in the written Guide here on icy veins.

elvui addonskins weakauras

Here's the rules. During downtime no DnD we then build the stacks up again. Since you can't cast as many Deathstrikes if you don't have at least 5 stacks of Boneshield active? But that would also mean that Ossuary is completely useless?! Best case scenario: Ossuary does not fall off during DnD. Reality: it sometimes does, because of Crimson Scourge. In short, I'll need to tune my APL a bit to make it recommend Marrowrend in that situation against a single enemy, but still keep suggesting HS against two or more.

This won't affect amount of Death Strikes substantially, which is the reason why I've been lazy, by my estimate it will maybe net you an extra Death Strike over two minutes or so against pure single target. Thank you very much.

Your 18 comes from 10 rune, 5 hs, 3 heartbreaker. Now I need to do some further testing to see if RD boosts the total 18 or just the base 10, or some combination of those 3. They're still probably worth checking out. So just so everyone know Refella has come out with his Unholy WA set. Let's all help him out to make the strings and priority listing optimal.

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elvui addonskins weakauras

Any ideas to get the same result as with the Current skin? I tried Masque with the Zoomed skin missing the 1px Border around the icons There is the Elvuisque skin for Masque aswell, but the Problem with that, is that the cooldownswipe is alot larger than the Icon itself, which is kind of Ugly.

Reply With Quote. It is still supported. Last edited by Rehok; at AM. Reason: Added note. Well Yeah its still in, but hes Not going to update it anymore. As you can read in the Post. Is there anyway to get WeakAuras. I tried pulling WeakAuras. Only using the full AddOnSkins 3. You tell it works, but it doesn't work On the changelog, it says works on individual weakauras only. Im not sure what that means.

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